How To Use Ever After High Dolls To Teach Kids To Express Themselves

Ever After High dolls are more than just imaginative playthings. They provide a valuable tool for teaching kids how to express themselves. Using these dolls, parents and educators can nurture children’s communication skills, creativity, and self-confidence. In this blog post, we will explore how to use Ever After High dolls to teach kids to express themselves.

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Encourage Storytelling

Ever After High dolls come with a unique backstory and personality for each character. These dolls can provide an opportunity for children to create their stories and engage in storytelling exercises. Kids can create their fairy tales and use the dolls to act out their stories. This practice helps children develop communication skills, boost their creative thinking, and improve their ability to express themselves.


Parents can encourage children to share their stories regularly and engage in conversations with them about potential plot twists or character development. This helps children become more confident in their story building and develop a bolder imagination.


Promote Self-Expression Through Customization

The Ever After High dolls come with interchangeable clothes, accessories, and hairstyles that kids can mix and match to fit each character’s individuality. This   feature provides an opportunity for children to express themselves creatively. Parents can encourage children to design unique looks for each of their dolls that capture their personalities.


Parents can ask kids to explain their customizations to them and to articulate what inspired them to make specific choices. This activity helps boost kids’ self-esteem and confidence in expressing their individuality.


Create Mini-Dramas

Another way to use Ever After High dolls to encourage self-expression is by creating mini-dramas. Parents can help kids create small performances where they act out specific scenarios using their dolls. This practice not only allows kids to express themselves, but it also helps them develop their acting skills.


In the same vein, parents can also ask kids to create visually appealing and imaginative scenery that complements their dolls’ storylines. This activity helps improve children’s communication, planning, and creative skills.


Use Problem-Based Scenarios

Kids love to play and come up with scenarios where their dolls face challenges. Parents can use problem-based activities to teach children self-expression skills. For example, parents can prompt kids to create solutions to challenges like rescuing a fallen friend, dealing with bullying, or solving a challenging puzzle.


Parents can then encourage kids to brainstorm and articulate their solutions through writing or drawing. This activity helps kids develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.


Engage In Role-Playing

Lastly, role-playing is another engaging way to use Ever After High dolls to encourage self-expression in children. Parents can engage in role-playing activities with their children using the dolls. For example, parents can take on the role of a specific Ever After High character and encourage their child to interact with them using the dolls.


This activity provides a safe space for children to express their thoughts and feelings while developing their communication and social skills. Role-playing activities help children become more confident in their communication abilities, and this can translate into other areas of their lives.


In conclusion, Ever After High dolls provide an excellent tool for parents and educators to teach kids how to express themselves. By encouraging storytelling, promoting customization, creating mini-dramas, using problem-based scenarios, and engaging in role-playing, children can develop their communication, creative thinking, and social skills. Parents and educators must provide adequate support, praise, and affirmation to help children become more confident in expressing themselves. By doing this, they can help children grow into independent adults who are capable of speaking up for themselves and pursuing their dreams confidently.

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