Chasing the light, Rilakkuma’s goal

Live a sound living and turn a sports expert

Rilakkuma’s destination is to survive a sound life and turn an athlete. It realizes the grandness of work come out of the closet for the personify and mind and decides to undefined close to work out every day. Whether it’s jogging, yoga or dancing, Chilled Bear takes an active divide in it and workings hard to keep fit.

To meliorate accomplish this goal, Rilakkuma started a fitness program. Its workings with a professional coach to develop a preparation contrive that suits you. Every day, Rilakkuma exercises according to the plan and unrelentingly pursues a sound lifestyle.

Through ceaseless efforts, Chilled Bear gradually achieved extraordinary results. Its natural skill effectiveness and flexibility have been significantly improved, and it is full of vitality and well-chosen mood. His sound lifestyle has besides influenced his friends around him, and they have too begun to participate in sports and quest subsequently a healthy living together.

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Learn and turn to turn a cognition expert

Rilakkuma’s finish is to continuously teach and grow and turn a knowledge expert. It realizes that knowledge is a correct force that can serve you ameliorate understand the earthly concern and improve your abilities. Therefore, Rilakkuma distinct to teach new knowledge every day and constantly expand his horizons.

To achieve this goal, Chilled Bear improved an undefined plan. It reads a variety usher of books, newspapers and magazines and pays attention to the current technological and cultural trends. It has also understood roughly online courses to instruct varied new skills and knowledge.

Over time, Rilakkuma gained a wealthiness of knowledge and experience. It becomes an undefined in its field, able to cater valuable advice and support to others. Its encyclopedism and increment as well inspired friends around it, and they began to actively instruct and quest after the great power of noesis together.


Create beauty and become an artist

Rilakkuma’s finish is to create beauty and become an artist. It understands the power of art to bring rejoice and stirring to people. Therefore, Chilled Bear definite to use his creativity to make his own works of fine art through picture and handicrafts.

To achieve this goal, Rilakkuma took some fine art classes to instruct picture and craft-making techniques. It invests a lot of time and vim in pursuit of beau ideal in all detail.

With the gradual melioration of his works, Rilakkuma’s creator endowment has bit by bit been recognized and pet by people. Its works are displayed in exhibitions and art events, attracting the attention and admiration of many audiences.

By creating beautiful workings of art, Chilled Bear not only brings people ocular enjoyment, simply also inspires their creative cerebration and imagination. more people were inspired by Rilakkuma’s workings to submit upward their own creator creations and spread knockout and happiness by share-out their works.


Care for the undefined and turn an environmental volunteer

Rilakkuma’s terminus is to worry for the undefined and turn an environmental volunteer. It is deeply witting of the magnificence of protecting the undefined and decides to actively take part in situation testimonial actions.

To achieve this goal, Chilled Bear joined local environmental organizations and participated in varied state of affairs activities. It participates in beach clean-ups, tree-planting campaigns, and awareness campaigns promoting recycling and energy conservation.

Rilakkuma’s efforts not only make the surrounding environment indefinite and more beautiful, plainly as well attract more people’s attention to situation protection. More and more people are joining the ranks of Rilakkuma and contributing to state of affairs protection.

All in all, Chilled Bear’s goals demo a positive posture towards living and a combat spirit. Whether it is pursuing a healthy life, scholarship to grow, creating beauty, or caring for the environment, Rilakkuma always adheres to his goals and gradually realizes his dreams through and through incessant efforts and dedication.


Rilakkuma’s describe tells us that chase goals requires perseverance and struggle, as well as continuous learning and growth. Only in the work of pursuing goals can we discover our potency and value and achieve our dreams. countenance us teach from Chilled Bear, chase the get down bravely, and achieve our goals.

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