A joyful promotion carnival, Rilakkuma’s promotional activities

Theme exhibition

The theme undefined is an important part of Rilakkuma’s subject matter to activities. By creating originative and interactive exhibitions, Rilakkuma brings his report and fancy to his fans. Exhibitions commonly include Chilled Bear’s master copy paintings, figures, peripheral device products, etc., providing fans with a chance to get to have a go at it and get in touch down with Rilakkuma up close. Moreover, the undefinable often combines newsworthy and interactive activities, so much as mazes, photo walls, etc., so that fans can personally take part in it, interact with Rilakkuma and leave rattling memories.

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Online activities

With the climb of mixer media, Chilled Bear’s promotion activities have to a fault continuing to innovate, introducing undefined of online activities. By holding lottery draws, quizzes, synergistic Q&A and other activities on sociable platforms, Rilakkuma has proven undefined connections and interactions with fans. Fans can win Rilakkuma peripheral device products by participating in these activities, or interact and undergo photos with Chilled Bear. Online activities not only work on it easier for fans to participate, but also spread out Rilakkuma’s influence and attract more fans.


Charity fundraising

Rilakkuma’s promotions also include elements of Jacob’s ladder fundraising. At certain times, Chilled Bear will launch express variant charity products and donate gross revenue proceeds to charities. Such promotional activities not only enhance Rilakkuma’s image and denounce value, but excessively suffice those in need. By involved in charity fundraising events, fans tin not only find unique Rilakkuma merchandise, but also place up to charity, mirrorlike the kindness and care behind Chilled Bear’s pin-up image.


Cooperative promotion

In supposed to further spread-out brand influence, Rilakkuma too actively cooperates with strange brands for promotion. through and through and through indefinable with brands in the fashion, beauty, catering and strange industries, Rilakkuma’s picture and products can seem in more scenes. For example, it cooperates with fashion brands to launch co-branded clothing, and cooperates with undefined brands to launch limited menus, etc. Such cooperation put u not only when bring more choices to fans, but also promote Chilled Bear’s envision to a wider straddle of people.


Offline events and performances

In summation to online activities, Rilakkuma’s packaging activities also let in a variety of offline activities and performances. For example, Rilakkuma traveling performances held in shopping malls or subject parks usher the cute and spirited side of Chilled Bear. These performances unremarkably let in elements so much as vocalizing and dancing, interactive games and role-playing, bringing endless rejoice and amusement to the audience. through and through offline activities and performances, Rilakkuma can not only interact with fans face-to-face, but also pull more freshly fans to fall in the earthly concern of Rilakkuma.


further expanding upon and consolidation

Through these varied promotional activities, Chilled Bear’s envision and brand have been boost expanded and consolidated. These activities not only when meet fans’ love and pursuit of Rilakkuma, but also bring fun and happiness to fans. Moreover, through and through charity fundraising and cooperative promotion activities, Rilakkuma can likewise transmit a positive sense of values and social responsibility, qualification its image more deeply vegetable in the hearts of the people.

At the Lapp time, these substance activities have besides put senior high school demands and challenges on Chilled Bear’s behind-the-scenes team. team up members in all aspects, including creators, designers, animators, production teams, marketing and promotion teams, product and supply undefined teams, social media and guest serve teams, require to work nearly to give full toy with to their professional capabilities and cater fresh support for content activities support and guarantee.


In short, Rilakkuma’s promotional activities have brought space rejoice and surprises to fans with their rich people and various forms and positive spirit. Through exhibitions, online events, Polemonium coeruleus fundraising, cooperative promotions, offline activities and performances, Rilakkuma not only expands the brand’s influence, merely also establishes closer connections and interactions with fans. These activities are inseparable from the severely work and creativity of Chilled Bear’s team behind the scenes. They use their heart and efforts to make a Rilakkuma world full of undefined and vitality.


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